Best Concealed Carry Holster

Having the best concealed carry holster has its benefits. You can draw your weapon out faster, its sticks to your article of clothing better, and it’s very durable. A concealed carry holster enables you to bring your weapon safely and securely to places where people can be frightened of a gun.

It is also advantageous to bring to shady places where you may expect an attack. If you know how to operate a firearm and want to protect yourself or your loved ones better, having a concealed carry holster can increase your chances of survival.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Invest in a holster that is lauded for durability, comfort, and quality to give yourself an edge with your firearm. The faster you can draw your weapon to defend yourself and others, the better. This is necessary when there is an imminent threat to your life or your family.

You will want to find a holster that does not have any history of weapon misfire because of the holster’s construction. Purchase one that does not scratch the surface of your pistol or collide with its moving parts as it is pulled out or put back in. You do not want to encounter problems with your pistol’s holster, so be prepared to shell out extra to get the best. Prices tend to go up as the specs rack up in quality.


How to choose the best concealed carry holster

Ample research is necessary in choosing the best. You must know where to look and ask the proper questions. If you like to go on gun forums, you must raise the right inquiries to arrive at the right answer. Preferably, it’s the first and last holster brand you will ever need (except if you own different brands). Stick with just one manufacturer to streamline the experience.

Read product reviews online and spend a considerable amount of time on the internet searching a brand that will work best for you. Be wary of fake reviews as they can focus on a certain aspect of the product that is generally disliked by a lot of users, past and present. These reviews serve as a guide for buyers new and old because they focus on the good and bad side of a product. Read on whether you know something about concealed holsters or not because it can help you in more ways than one.

A concealed carry holster should hide your weapon well without forcing you to buy new clothes. It should be very natural, like wearing a belt except with a safety on and a couple of rounds in the magazine. The holster should be comfortable for prolonged wearing and “invisible” to you after a period of time.

Some holsters become unnoticeable as soon as one hour after putting on because they are very comfortable and effective in carrying the pistol. But, not to the point that the user would forget that he or she was packing a loaded weapon.

Remember to never skimp out on quality because you are putting your life on the line of your firearm. At least shell it with something that has bulletproof construction and features that keeps your gun safely contained.


What to look for in the best concealed carry holster

You need to look for three things when buying a concealed carry holster. It must be comfortable, durable, and possess many features. These qualities must be present in every concealed holster, whether you are going to use it on a daily basis for protection or solely on the shooting range.

Comfort entails better usage in any situation or scenario. It must be easy to remove, possessing very little drag as you pull the pistol out of its protective cocoon. This cocoon must be made with soft materials like neoprene and varying layers of leather, but must also be stiff enough to hold its own when the pistol is subject to jerky movements.

An effective holster does not leave scratches on the pistol when it is knocked back and forth as you move. It should not hinder your movement or make it hard to bend when placed at a difficult location.

A durable holster means two things – freedom from marks caused by travel and immunity from the elements like water or dust. It must be rugged, enabling you to bring the pistol anywhere you like, and have barriers that prevent the gun from becoming wet or dirty.

It is a given that gun holsters are tough against anything, but it’s a bonus if you can find a holster that does not let up to wear and tear so easily. It would be best to find a holster that is tough on the inside and outside without looking so banged up after you use it.

The third aspect is fairly easy to spot because the manufacturer includes features in all of their products, regardless if it’s the cheapest around. But, it’s difficult to spot a product that does what it says on the box in a real-world setting.

Sometimes it’s the brand’s fault for sugarcoating what to expect and amplifying expectations that people are enticed to buy their product. Other times, it’s the manufacturer’s fault for producing a substandard product that gets bashed on the internet.

The best concealed carry holster is difficult to find because you need to do a lot of researching to find the best fit for you. You need the internet for broad research, you need your friends to get a reliable answer, and you need the gun community to find out which holster hides and contains pistols the best. Having multiple sources can really improve your pursuit of the best holster for your sidearm.





Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Comp-Tac $$  4.7/5
 Nylon Open Top – Uncle Mike’s $  4.3/5
 M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB $$ 4.9/5
   Tuk Tuckable – Galco King $$$  –
   SuperTuck – CrossBreed Holsters  $$$  4.4/5
Abdominal Band Pistol Holster – AlphaHolster  $ 4.2/5
  IWB KYDEX Holster – Concealment Express  $  4.5/5
  Concealed Belt Holster – UTG  $  4.2/5
  Standard Holster RH Paddle – Fobus  $  4.4/5
  IWB Leather Gun Holster Black – Smith & Wesson Shield Pro Carry  $  4.2/5


Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Comp-Tac


  • Inside the waistband
  • Adjustable
  • Width clip of the belt reaches 1.5 inches
  • Available hand orientation



The Infidel Ultra Max promises better grip than most holsters through its Kydex body with adjustable screws. This conceals the pistol completely up to the hammer. It does not let others see the pistol easily through its adjustable screws that promise more flexibility.

It lets you adjust everything up and down at varying angles so you can better reach it in case you have long or short arms. It was not made to have just one position.

This is one of the few holsters that have a custom fit. If your weapon is slightly large, you can have the manufacturer craft one for you to fit your gun. The company uses cow hide leather that returns back to its shape if it is pressed on a very hard surface. This leather also gives better retention, allowing you to position yourself in any way you like without affecting your grabbing angle.



Along with cowhide leather is Kydex, a popular material that is used by the company to custom fit your pistol. It is soft but durable enough to hold the pistol in safely without any risk of firing the weapon. It almost wraps the entire gun with a protective layer of Kydex. This keeps it in place so even if you jump or run through and over obstacles, the holster will not budge or scratch the pistol, a recurring theme for some holsters priced slightly lower than this.

This holster is for people who want reassurance that their firearm will be in its best condition after being concealed in it. Movement can cause a lot of damage to the pistol and the holster itself, so having one that does not move is great.

It keeps things in check so you will not have to change positions every once in a while. It has screws that do not let up even if a lot of force is pressed upon it.



The Infidel Ultra is a solid choice for nylon users, even if critics say that the level of softness when compared with other products fall short. It has an unbeatable price, memory-foam-like qualities, and a material that does not easily get damaged by user abuse or the elements. If you are looking for something that accepts more types of guns than any other holster, consider buying the Infidel Ultra Max.


Nylon Open Top – Uncle Mike’s


  • Made of four-layer laminate
  • Internal moisture barrier
  • Smooth lining and open style
  • Great anchor to give the user a better angle and draw



Uncle Mike’s is a known brand for concealed weapon holsters, so it’s no surprise that their open top is a hit for first-time and veteran shooters. This uses a four-layer laminate that is very thin and identical to leather pieces. The laminate can hold its own against stressful situations like jerking, running, and violent movement (drawing the weapon without knowing how to properly remove it).

It uses an internal moisture barrier to keep things high and dry. Yes, this enables various angles in getting the weapon from the holster. You avoid being relegated to one position and instead make the holster work for you, not the other way around. If you like to conceal the gun better, you can. If you like to draw the firearm easier, you can set it at an angle that suits you.



What’s so great about this Open Top is the clip that keeps the holster stationary at all times so there is no unwanted movement. The clip can be adjusted at any angle so you have a full range of motion just waiting for you. It is wide enough that it would not protrude from your jeans or give you any weird bulge.



You do not need to buy a bigger set of clothes to cover the holster up. Since you can adjust it at a higher or lower angle, you can choose to get a better concealing angle that can be aided by your shirt or jacket.

However, there is one problem with this holster that can affect your selection, it does not come with a sizing chart. Even the seller’s page on the open top on Amazon does not have a separate section for sizes. It may be an inconvenience to some but, you can visit their website to get yours fitted according to the size of your pistol.


M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB


  • Minimal drag
  • One-and-a-half-inch quick clip
  • Adjustable angle at zero to 15 degrees.
  • Adjustable retention point with clicking sound
  • Full sweat shield



Pulling out your weapon from The M&P’s clutches does not exert drag. The pistol feels like it is sliding on oil when you pull it out of the holster. This is great for people who love to draw their weapons quickly and consistently. This is the way to go if you want a holster that makes you a faster shooter. With a little bit of practice, you can become accurate with this build.


Having almost zero drag is great because you can practice aiming better and pointing the barrel in the right direction. The holster won’t unclip itself if you remove the pistol abruptly. Everything is clamped on well and is not expected to move at all, unless you adjust the clip. No drag means the direction the grip is facing will not change.

Such smoothness can be attributed to the interior surface of the holster and the clip that measures 1.5 inches. There is no drag because the holster is anchored to the belt very well. This helps retain the pistol when not in use. A gun that is loaded can fire accidentally when it is moving inside your pants. This enables you to be more conscious and vigilant with the pistol you are carrying to work or vacation, especially when you are around other people.


Budget users are lauding this shield holster because it lets beginners experience the best features a concealed carry could ever have. It’s inexpensive, so if it is not the ideal holster, it’s okay to try another. Think of this as a great tool for trial and error which lets you enjoy all the benefits of a great product for a very low price. You can yank it a lot and the pistol will still stay in place, scratch-free and devoid of any damage.


Tuk Tuckable – Galco King


  • Inside the waistband
  • Adjustable and removable belt clips
  • Nice backing plate with Napa leather front
  • Can fit up to ¾ inches wide



This is a very good holster if you are into a fully-adjustable model that can be hidden anywhere as long as it can be clipped on to something. You do not have to worry about its durability because you are sure that its two leather layers are here to save the day. For this case, it’s water.

The two layers are more than enough to soak up sweat and moisture, effectively blocking its spread throughout the holster. Galco King knew that the body produces sweat, and since this is worn inside the waistband of your pants or shorts, it has to be very thick to avoid becoming a sponge.

The hydrophobic layer hugs the entire holster, providing a lot of retention for the pistol. It also gives you peace of mind because you know that your gun will always stay in its original position. Having two layers of leather can really help keep the gun steady so it is easy to grip and return. It has Kydex that responds to movement, preventing any manic shifting and alteration of its position from happening.


When you pull out your pistol, there is a corresponding drag if you are letting it collide with just one side of the holster. This holster actively avoids that, and has almost no drag (though there are holsters that have none at all), which is great if you are learning how to use the holster properly.


Drag is good but too much of it can be annoying because you may damage the clip of this holster. You can never be too careful, so they made every clip effective against all conceivable stress revolving around it.

It may have one of the poorest customer service representations because some reviewers said the company refused them for a replacement/warranty issue. If this is an issue with you, not being tended to your concerns immediately, then it may not be the product for you.


SuperTuck – CrossBreed Holsters


  • Black cowhide leather and molded kydex surfaces
  • Fits most Glocks with ease
  • Custom fit
  • Memory-foam qualities



Last but not the least is the SuperTuck, a pistol holster that is both concealable and steady. It uses Steel Clip technology to make attachment very easy to any part of your body.

What makes the SuperTuck so great is you do not need to find another holster if you are packing a Glock. This is specifically made for the pistol, so if you have any qualms about the product’s stability, you can go directly to CrossBreed to get some answers.


There is a catch, though, it works primarily for most Glock models. If it fits properly but is not a Glock, it may not work but you can still give it a try. Just ask the manufacturer if your gun could fit this carry holster well. If it does not fit properly, there are other options in the market that would be a better option.

There is one last thing to note about the clip. Since it prevents moisture, dirt, and grime build-up, the clip would still have that factory finish after so many years because it has successfully avoided the elements that can fast-forward wear and tear.


Some shooters love this because it uses a Kydex container to hold the weapon. This will not scratch your gun whatsoever even if you are moving quite a bit. Its leather does not permit cracking, which is cowhide leather that dispels cracks, heat, and moisture. It avoids complications for the gun, which is great because the slightest moisture can alter its performance.