How to Wear a Concealed Holster

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How to Wear a Concealed Holster

A concealed holster is a must if you want to bring your firearm outdoors. There is no other container out there that can safely hold and hide your pistol on your body other than a concealed holster. It comes in many types, forms, and even clips that make it advantageous over the other options. This is a gun carrier that enables you to tuck the weapon safely in your jeans without any threat of discharging a round or two.

You must have a concealed holster to be able to understand the benefits of placing it well on your clothing. This can vary in price and come in different shapes and sizes. Some are meant to hold .38’s or a 45-caliber while others cater to almost all gun brands, provided that their specifications literally fit the holster. Some holsters are a one-size-fits-all while others are made to be brand-specific.


It Should Fit Like a Glove


Once you have figured out the measurements of your gun, you can select the holster to fit it. You can view sizing charts online when you are unaware of your brand’s size and specifications. You can download them online or place it on your smartphone for the sales personnel to see. Not having the right fit can get your weapon scratched or rattled as you move.

Keep in mind that the main job of a concealed holster is to contain and hide your weapon from plain sight, only to draw out your weapon when it is truly needed. If you know that there is an immediate threat to your life, having a concealed carry can improve your self-defense capabilities. You can catch your attacker by surprise because they do not know you have a firearm on you.


Easy To Use


If you wear your holster wrong, you may have a harder time pulling out your weapon. This can limit your capabilities with the weapon because you cannot use it fast enough. It can also endanger the life of the people around you because you could not defend them fast enough.

Proper wearing of the gun holster can save a person’s life because it enables you to access your weapon faster. When you know how to wear a concealed holster, you can be an intimidating force without expending any ammunition, to keep yourself and others safe.

Wearing the proper holster is easy because most companies include directions on how to conceal your firearm with their product. If you are packing a holster that will be hidden inside the waist, the company will indicate the right level of tuck and angle of grabbing. It is up to you to adjust it according to your comfort level, one that will let you deploy your gun faster than your target can react.

If you are packing an open top holster, it will tell you the appropriate positions and recommended angles for grabbing. By virtue of its name, an open top enables you to pick the weapon up quickly without unhinging anything.


Research a Lot


You can read reviews and watch videos of a certain holster to better understand how it will fit your daily life. There are pros and cons to wearing that particular holster; you just have to find the comprehensive ones on the internet to maximize your investment.

Give yourself some time to research about proper wearing techniques and the do’s and don’ts in owning the holster. It will help you a lot in the decision-making process.

Be open to learning new things. Do not attach yourself to a brand because it’s what most people use. Know the holsters that experts recommend. Do a lot of digging to find out the brand that fits your gun best. Visit a specific brand’s website and read some testimonials and comments about their holsters, if any.

If there are none available on the web, ask gun owners the holster that they use all the time. See if a holster is gun-specific so you can easily cross them off if the brand they prefer does not match yours. You cannot wear a concealed holster properly if there is a mismatch.

A high quality concealed holster will provide you prolonged carrying. Wearing one properly, however, is a different story. Follow the brand’s instructions at all times and read tips and techniques on how to wear a concealed holster properly.

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