Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Comp-Tac

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Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Comp-Tac

This little protective case for your pistol has a Kydex body and adjustable screws for a flexible and more comfortable conceal. The sides are very soft and you can let the pistol slide right into the holster. Made of leather hybrid and mixed together with top grain cow hide, it gently caresses any pistol in its protective cocoon and is protected by a solid warranty program.

It has a one-year warranty that fronts a 30-day no questions asked return policy. This means if the holster falls into disrepair, they will have it replaced with something brand new. They can exchange or refund the said holster immediately if the product was not modified, altered, or abused by the customer. For something made of nylon, it can be a very tough cookie to crack.

The nylon on the Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Glock can withstand a lot of punishment. It does not permit too much friction and maintains its shape even after it is severely pressed against the skin or belt.

You can choose two types of mounts–the Infidel Clip or Shirt Tucker Strut. The names are pretty self-explanatory to give the user a better idea as to how they should be used. Since nylon can be custom fit, this can fit a lot of brands, be it a Glock or Sig.




• Inside the waistband
• Adjustable cant
• Width clip of the belt reaches 1.5 inches
• Available hand orientation




One of the best aspects about the Infidel Ultra Max Holder is its ability to retain shape even after being subjected to a lot of stress. Cow hide leather makes it powerful enough to take a beating while maintaining that form factor and comfort that people laud. The Kydex body is a custom fit so you can be sure that the gun stays in place.

This holder has very good retention because you can adjust the screws to fit the common stances you use when drawing your pistol. You can have it as high as you want or as low as your jeans will allow. There are cant adjustment holes that allow a variety of positions. It promotes both a defensive and offensive stance because you can set it at an angle that feels comfortable to you.

The soft and flexible material of the Infidel means any user can fall in love with it. If you are looking for a holster that can stand the test of time, rest assured that the product will maintain its shape for a long period of time. If you care more about the performance and overall feel of the holster, rest assured its leather hybrid can take anything you throw at it.

The Infidel uses hybrid leather that is bulletproof and smooth, even if you expect it to have scratches and dents by the end of the year. Having the ability to angle the holster according to your comfort level is a welcome feature because it prevents the holster from getting in your way. It becomes almost a part of your body, so comfortable that some people have even fallen asleep with the holster still attached to their belt.

Another great thing about this holster is it does not loosen up. This gives you more confidence in using the holster anywhere you want. This is a holster that retains top form even under severe weather or damage. It has memory-foam-like qualities, with the nylon bouncing back if it is pressed by an object.




It may be comfortable on its own but when paired with other products that have a nylon body, this can taper off by a little. There are other more comfortable products on the market that can carry a larger variety of sizes.

Sometimes the six holes used for adjusting the holster can be inadequate if you are going to use this on a daily basis. A holster that has more holes allows you to set the holster better. This may not apply to everyone because some just want a quick and easy holster, but for people who need something more, this may not fit the bill.




Infidel Ultra Max Holster – Glock may not be as comfortable as other nylon holsters or have more holes for adjustment, but overall it is a solid buy if you need something that has good weapon traction at an unbeatable price. It has two modes, a leather piece that is nearly indestructible, and does not have too much friction when the pistol is moved.

This is very intuitive to use because it works just like any other belt. Except this one does not show cracks or bend like traditional leather. Since this marries both nylon and leather, you can expect a comfortable and seamless ride for your pistol and your jeans. Overall score: 9/10, banking on superior retention and outstanding grip to the belt or pants.

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