M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB

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M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB

Tulster Profile made a holster that has almost no drag, a concealed carrier that you can adjust at various angles depending on your comfort level. It has an adjustable cant and forward hole, both being easily adjustable from zero to 15 degrees. Since this is going to be adjusted most of the time, the M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB was made with a sweat shield that prevents moisture from damaging or cracking the finery.

The 1.5-inch quick clip enables you to pull out the weapon without yanking out everything as you draw your firearm. Even if you move the pistol out of its container often, it retains the position of the pistol at all times. It will not move at all, even if you yank the holster from side-to-side like a madman. It may require some practice because drawing it out is ridiculously fast, unlike other holsters.

When you buy the M&P, you get a holster that enables you to adjust the grip upwards or downwards, depending on your comfort level. You can also adjust the belt clip to suit your style of handling the firearm. Whether it’s for defense or offense, this holster can improve your survivability by being one of the easiest to draw from, especially during dire situations.




• Minimal drag
• One-and-a-half-inch quick clip
• Adjustable angle at zero to 15 degrees.
• Adjustable retention point with clicking sound
• Full sweat shield




The gun is a perfect match for people who need to draw and shoot quickly. It is for the hasty, the ones who are very persistent about getting a holster that lets them get the jump first. The 1.5-inch clip enables them to draw the weapon at any angle, sometimes at faster speeds than normal.

Even with all the jerking and yanking you may get, this being a quick draw holster, the pistol still stays relatively in place. This is one of the holsters that offer a wide range of body movement, a holster that lets you move better through tight corners. You can clip this at any angle you please, so when you think that it’s better to have the grip facing up or down, it can easily oblige.

This also acts as a “defensive” holster because the pistol will not move at all. There is no threat of misfire or accidental dropping. As long as the weapon is in the holster, it will not swing as you move up or down. It may need some breaking-in for some people, but in most cases it’s already the final package once they start wearing the holster.

Holsters are subject to a lot of stress. Carrying the weapon, colliding with the belt of your jeans, and unnecessary jerking of the pistol, can leave some noticeable damage to a holster. But, the M&P isn’t getting any because it has a steady clip that promises the best retention for its price.

The M&P also has one of the best warranties for a holster. As long as the holster was not intentionally damaged by the customer, you can order a replacement unit from Tulster Profile immediately. They have one of the best customer service departments that know what the customer deserves. They know how it feels to be in your shoes, which helps them bring a higher level of service.




This holster just works with a pistol, nothing more. If you are holstering the pistol equipped with a silencer or a laser sight, you may want to select an alternative. This only holds your firearm so you should remove all accessories first before tucking it in.

The holster is also notorious for pushing the leg for an appendix carry, which can be annoying. Instead of the holster staying in place, it can move from time to time. The clip may move for some reviewers, so this may be an isolated incident.




This is the best holster that you should use if you want a product that is heavy on features but light on the pocket. It has all the features you need from a holster, but only costs half as much as other brands. For this regard, it gets a score of 9/10, but not without reservations.

It lets the pistol stay relatively in place, keeps the barrel downward at all times even if it is jerked, and can be adjusted depending on your preferred angle. One cool aspect this holster has, is its ability to prevent the dragging feeling most holsters get when you pull the weapon out of your belt.

If you need a holster that can satisfy your needs without being too hard to handle, the M&P Shield Holster – Tulster Profile Holster IWB can do the trick. Though it does not support pistols with laser sights, it is spot on in delivering what the customer needs in a tight little package: thin but durable, stiff but comfortable.

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