Nylon Open Top – Uncle Mike’s

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Nylon Open Top – Uncle Mike’s

Budget users can rely on the simple and effective design of the Nylon Open Top Holster of Uncle Mike’s, an established name in the firearms industry. It uses an ultra-thin four-layer laminate that is nearly identical to Swede leather holsters. It is a very safe and secure pistol holder that keeps the pistol safe from moisture and dirt, even if it is an open top. The barrel is secure enough from the elements.

The internal moisture barrier also works to enable a better and easier draw. You feel connected with your sidearm because the holster keeps the gun tucked within. The open top style has a very smooth lining that protects the weapon from scratches and dents. This lining works with the barrier so water that comes from the top is absorbed by the sides.

Uncle Mike’s attached a clip to the holster to prevent it from swaying. The clip keeps the holster stationary so that the barrel of the weapon remains pointed down to avoid accidents. The company attached a clip that is parallel to the holster so you can hang it anywhere on your body. The clip is so tough that it was able to puncture through the leather seat of a car after repeated rubbing.




• Made of four-layer laminate
• Internal moisture barrier
• Smooth lining and open style
• Great anchor to give the user a better angle and draw




The holster has an open top design, which makes it easy to slide a pistol in and out at a moment’s notice. You may argue that this poses a safety feature because the firearm can be easily yanked out by anyone and cause a misfire if the trigger is pulled accidentally. This is not the case for Uncle Mike’s open top holster because it keeps the hammer of the weapon down and secure.

Uncle Mike’s made this weapon holster comfortable to wear because you can clip the holster to a spot that is unusual for other weapon holsters. Since it has an open style, you can quick draw easily from any angle. You can even surprise an attacker with the fact that you have a firearm, because the holster can be hidden anywhere. The holster is not conspicuous and does not bulge through your pants.

The manufacturer also knew that most owners are beginners who want to safely carry their weapon with them without worrying about their holster’s durability or looks. This is one of the few products from Uncle Mike’s that does not sport scratches even after being used for a long time. It looks good, too, with neoprene being seemingly invulnerable to markings.

Although it has four layers of laminate, it remains very thin and resilient to damage. There will be a lot of pushing and pulling with Uncle Mike’s because it is an open top style that permits the hand to draw and return the weapon quickly.

This is one of the few weapon holsters that do not require you to buy clothing just to match it. You do not need to buy a jacket that is twice your size to successfully hide your Glock or S&W. You can settle with your usual clothes when wearing this holster. It is very cost-efficient in this regard.




This holster does not have a sizing chart so you may want to visit their official website instead of Amazon when you want something more specific. Not all guns are made the same so the holster may not fully hold your firearm in. The nylon may be a great and breathable material, but if it does not keep your pistol in, it can be potentially dangerous.

Although the gun has some tension, there is no resistance or part that holds the firearm in place. Having a firearm that has the potential to wiggle can cause accidents, especially if the gun is loaded, even if it has its safety on.




This is a nylon holster that uses multiple layers of laminate, that is light on the pocket and durable. Uncle Mike’s made this for budget consumers who want to have a holster that does what is advertised.

The Nylon Open Top Holster makes the pistol very easy to pull out and hide from the crowd safely. If you are wearing the firearm in humid places, a moisture barrier prevents your weapon from acquiring sweat that goes through your jeans or shorts.

Overall score for this open top is 8/10. It lacks several protective features that you can find in other holsters, but they may be slightly more expensive than this one so that’s one factor that can make you reconsider when choosing an alternative to this holster. For its price, relative usefulness, and overall appeal to first-time buyers, this open top can save you a lot of time and resources.

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