SuperTuck – CrossBreed Holsters

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SuperTuck – CrossBreed Holsters

The SuperTuck from CrossBreed Holsters is a great cowhide leather carrying case for pistols. It is designed to conceal various Glock pistols inside a molded kydex container that is easy to break-in, but difficult to break down.

Kydex is a very tough material that resists a lot of damage caused by holstering -and re-holstering the firearm. The leather case prevents cracks and dispels heat and moisture from the surface of the holster, vastly improving durability of the firearm and the holster. Kydex makes cowhide twice as durable than before.

Moving outside of the holster, you have a Steel Clip waiting for you to adjust it according to your comfort and drawing level. This is immune to corrosion with a chip proof coating, perfect for users who are going out of the city.

It works as an adjuster for the ride, depth, and cant of the weapon. This gives the user a lot of comfort and stability for the weapon. The clip is easy to operate and move around so you can get the right angle.

This is a holster you would not want to miss. Budget users laud the reasonable price because it introduces the basics of the holster better than other products. Professionals are in love with this product because it can hold a variety of Glocks, which is considered the gold standard for some shooters.




• Black cowhide leather and molded kydex surfaces
• Fits most Glocks with ease
• Custom fit
• Memory-foam qualities




This is Glock-centric, which means if you are viewing this, you probably own a Glock brand. It can service the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 34, and 35, among others. If your pistol is similar to one of these, or has the same body specs, you may be surprised to find the holster very snug.

Moving on to the specs of the product, this holster has a Steel Clip attached to it. This permits more grip without leaving an “indelible” marking on your belt. It latches on but does not dig in so the pants you are wearing do not get scratches and marks when you jerk the holster. It’s like there is a suction cup underneath the clip that anchors the entire holster.

The corrosion proof spring enables you to clip the holster anywhere on your body that is concealed. You may even lose track of the holster because it blends in with what you wear and move fluidly with your body. It clamps on tight but it won’t make you feel like it’s pulling your pants down.

You do not need to own a Glock but since this is made for that specific brand, it will definitely suit that pistol line. Just remember to look at the following pros and cons below to see if the holster is what you truly need.

The most obvious pro for this concealed carrier is that it is made specifically for Glocks, over any other pistol brand. It is a reliable holster for a reliable gun that is easy to operate, clean, and maintain. But, that does not mean the holster cannot accommodate other brands.

As long as your pistol is similar to a Glock – or if it just fits the holster – you will be fine. But to be on the safe side, kindly contact the manufacturer first before trying it out.

Another good thing about lugging around a CrossBreed holster is that it fulfills what is said on the box. It says cowhide leather used on this is one of the toughest, and it proved its point through one reviewer, who said that the holster held out on its own for many years before even revealing one crack.

You can adjust the ride, depth, and cant. One reviewer says the clipping system is so well-done that the clip still moves, even without ample lubrication.




If you do not have a Glock or own a pistol that is slightly larger than this one, even when the difference is just millimeters, you might not be able to use this holster. Compatibility is a serious issue. Usage can be almost impossible if it is off the mark by just a tiny bit.

This holster may have a problem with re-holstering the weapon because Kydex can be very constrictive. That’s a good thing because you need to have the gun steadily in place.

Once you unload all the rounds and want the gun back in your holster, it may take a while for you to return it back to its original position. It can be a minor inconvenience for some who want seamless back-and-forth movement between the hand and pistol.




CrossBreed’s Glock holster scores a 9/10 for being one of the most comfortable and intuitive concealed carriers ever made. It nearly got a perfect score had it been for some compatibility and fitting issues when it comes to concealing your weapon again.

There are other holsters in the market if you want a more universal container for your gun. But if you only want a holster that can caress your Glock better than any other holster made, then the SuperTuck will work just fine.

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