Tuk Tuckable – Galco King

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Tuk Tuckable – Galco King

Tuk Tuckable holster by Galco King is one of the most adjustable pieces of gun tech available in the market today. It makes it easy for any gun owner to grab their firearm in a jiffy and return it safely and securely afterwards. It has a comfortable backing plate that is made of fine lined saddle leather. A Napa leather front makes it equally durable against scratches and tearing with a rigid kydex hipster shell to contain your pistol.

Galco King made this belt a one-size adjusts all. You can fit belts that are up to 3/4 inches wide and set the clip to adjust in different positions. The metallic clip of the waistband enables you to tilt the weapon holder, angle it sideways, and raise it up or down depending on your comfort level.

It makes the holder virtually invisible. Once you have discovered the comfortable position for the holster, you should no longer notice it hanging from your pants anymore.

Having an adjustable holster can dictate how fast you draw your weapon. It’s great for self-defense because you can aim the gun faster and with greater accuracy. It is great for comfort, too, because you are not restricted to one position anymore.




• Inside the waistband
• Adjustable and removable belt clips
• Nice backing plate with Napa leather front
• Can fit up to ¾ inches wide




One of the best things about this holster is the brass threaded inserts that were used by Galco King. These are flexible and durable enough to withstand years of punishment and fitting, especially if your life is vulnerable to attack due to the nature of your job or if you live somewhere with higher crime.

There are two layers of leather on this holster. This makes the holster hydrophobic, perfect for users who sweat a lot or experience environments that are near bodies of water. This prevents sweat from messing up the gun. Having this protective layer enables more flexibility for any user.

The metallic clip is not hindered by water, as it was made to withstand abuse beyond usual usage. It takes a long time for repairs to be scheduled because the leather was made to be thick and numerous. Even it is just two layers, its relative thickness shields it from damaging scratches and other marks that the holster incurs after a long day.

This is worn inside the waistband, doubling the level of concealment. No one would bother checking it unless you are frisked by security. Even then, they might have difficulty locating the holstered weapon unless they are familiar with the style.

Kydex’ insert retention is also noteworthy. It responds to movement better than other products because the material “wraps” around your weapon and keeps it in place most of the time.

If the holster is violently jerked, it will adapt to the movement and prevent the weapon from firing. It’s good to have this along with the double-layer leather because it holds the pistol better than most holsters. There is more traction and no bang for your buck.




One of the most annoying things about this product turns out to be its strength. The holster can press against your skin if you bend down should the holster be placed slightly lower than usual (for better concealment, perhaps). This can cause some discomfort, a “pushing-up” kind of feeling as narrated by one user.

Another problem with this holster is poor customer service from Galco King. People are disgruntled by the company’s denial to offer them repair and replacement, which is usually accented by small excuses coming from the company. Most people who call with simple problems have their concerns shot down by the company with poor reasons, specifically people with replacement requests.




This tuckable holster scores a 9/10 for being one of the few companies that offer a holster that can be adjusted in more ways than one. It is covered in two layers of quality leather that prevents moisture from breaking through and causing problems with the firearm. The clip is nice and has a solid build when compared with other products.

Tuk Tuckable holster works like a charm and fits a wide range of pistols. But, customers have some reservations toward the product, particularly the company’s customer service rapport and relative comfort surrounding the clip.

It can cause physical and mental discomfort because some claim the company does not respect the needs of the customer when they are approached for parts and service. The clip can protrude upward and come in contact with the body when it is \angled slightly lower.

However, for its price and quality (just don’t let it break), you get a product that does not need additional or new clothing to be concealed properly. You do not need to wipe the gun every now and then in case you feel there is a lot of moisture proximate the holster. You do not need to buy other brands unless you want more layers of leather clipped inside your waist or more angles for you to position the holster.

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